Food Pantry & Assistance

Family Food Order - Once a Month

Fresh Produce Pick Up - Once a Week (includes drawing for free bike)

Deliver Meals to Homebound Seniors - Through Meals on Wheels and USDA

financial assistance

Community Winter Help - Support with LG&E

Agency Utility and Housing Support - $100 + church pledges - Once a Year

LG&E Utility Match - $300 max - Once from May-December

Water Utility Match - $200 max - Once a Year

Prescription Assistance - $200 max per household - Once a Year

item Assistance

Household Supplies - Once a Month

Clothing Vouchers - Once a Month

Baby Items - Diapers, Formula, Baby Food, etc - Once a Month

Furniture Vouchers - One Time

Holiday Support - Groceries and gifts, but dependent on funding

coaching, referrals,
& connection

LG&E Pilot Program - Six months of coaching incentivized by LG&E bill support

Individual Coaching - Through communication and trust, we invest in low-income families as they identify their own goals

Job Coaching - Support with editing & writing resume, online job search, and through application procedure

Referrals - Connect any individual with outside support to address their specific need and help address barriers in getting there (transportation, etc.)

Choices Counseling Services - Free individualized sessions for six weeks

education & training

Applied Digital Skills Class - 10 hour course to learn the basics of G Suite and other tools for a free used computer after completion

In-House and Local Workshops - In partnership with Americana and Iroquois Library, we provide workshops around financial literacy, parenting, health, and other life skills

neighborhood development

Community Asset Building - Create maps, collect information about resources in South Louisville, and host conversations around local needs, concerns, and projects

Trainings for Service Providers and Neighbors - Cultural Competency, Judgement-Free and Compassion-Focused Kinship, On-the-Ground Referrals, and more

Neighbor Advocacy Group - Support individuals as they advocate and listen to their neighbors' needs, goals, and challenges and to work with the larger community to better connect resources and opportunities