what we do 

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SLCM provides emergency assistance for our neighbors facing crisis and work with our partners and neighbors to better connect and advocate.

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Annual report

Last year, SLCM:

  • helped 154 families ensure stable housing and prevent homelessness through financial assistance,

  • fed 2912 children through the food pantry,

  • provided essential baby supplies to 642 households,

  • prevented unsafe conditions in 927 households by providing financial assistance for water and gas/electric to avoid disconnection,

  • provided 206 individuals with vital medication including insulin and cholesterol medication, and

  • served 403 veterans with food and financial assistance.

Stories from our neighbors

On Christmas Day, Cory found himself being suddenly laid off from his job of four years. That same week his car was stolen and totaled, and his father who lives out of town suffered a major medical event. Without transportation, he struggled to quickly find new employment and was unable to make it to his father’s bedside before he passed away. The situation worsened when his roommate of two years stole his wallet including all of his identification and the remaining money that he was going to use to pay his bills. He was forced to file a criminal complaint and seek out an Emergency Protective Order against them. Many of us would be struggle should any one of those challenges happen to us, let alone all of these in this perfect storm.

Despite living in South Louisville Community Ministries’ (SLCM) area for several years, Cory had only reached out to SLCM for assistance one other time--when his work hours had been cut. He had held a steady job, paid his bills, and had overcome substance abuse and excelled in recovery. Now, he needed help again. The intake volunteer listened to his story, gathered his information and then he was encouraged to request an extension from the water company. That allowed time until he could meet with our staff. Thanks to grant funds from the water company and MSD, SLCM was able to immediately pledge the entirety of his past due balance and prevent disconnection of his services. We were able to provide food from our pantry and inform him of our weekly produce distribution as well. During his visit, we ensured that he was connecting to other partners for LG&E assistance, food stamps, and medical insurance. He left our offices heading to a new job interview with a cart full of food, reassurance that his water service was no longer at threat, and information on additional resources to help him during this time of transition.

Often poverty afflicts people that are simply older and no longer able to be part of the workforce.  A husband and wife initially reached out to SLCM for assistance with just their water bill. They are both retired and draw meager social security benefits. The wife is battling cancer and the husband struggles with mobility but must take care of the errands for the household.  During our conversation it became clear that they needed assistance with a few different aspects of their lives. We determined that their LG&E bill was much more urgent than the water so we covered that need with a combination of ministry funds and Community Winterhelp grant funds. The wife has expensive medications related to cancer. As a means to save money, she was taking less than diagnosed to make them stretch.  We added them to our prescription assistance program and are assisting both of them with medications each month.

They still had other expenses that were outside of our ability to directly assist but not out of our network of resources. We referred them to Shirley's Way, a charity for people diagnosed with cancer, and they set up an appointment for further assistance with general household expenses.  We also sent them home with a food order from our Dare to Care food pantry. The husband seemed elated that there were people out there that were willing to listen as well as assist with some issues that they could not overcome on their own.

One great aspect of the Ministries is our ability to directly assist as well as to connect people with all available resources so that our neighbors can get that much needed hand up when they are in a tough situation. We take pride in getting our clients to a better place than when we first meet them.